I'm Baring it All! The Cost of the Journey! Join me at 1pm on Facebook.com/Live/CoachRobinWare

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Today I'll be sharing on Facebook LIVE (Coach Robin Ware) my top 10 Things I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur and some of the cost at 1pm.

some coaches only want to show you the bright and shiny side of entrepreneurship but i'm here to show you the murky side as well.

I was thinking earlier today about some lessons I've learned and costs I've paid, and I heard Holy Spirit say to share them, flaws and all, so that's what I'm going to be doing.

You all know I try my best to be transparent because I want to be a blessing and help others so get ready, because I'm coming with some real truths!

Here are my notes so you can read along with me as I share later today.

  1. It takes an investment of time and money. Learn how much money I spend some months to make money!

  2. You need the buy in of your family. What happened when I told my family I was not going to look for a job anymore.

  3. You need to work a JOB if you don't have paying clients that can sustain you. I'll share - the not once but two times - I went and got part time jobs when I had more month than clients!

  4. Pressure can be good. Lord, I've had some pressure cooker situations but they made me who I am today!

  5. If your budget doesn't allow for training, seek what you can for free. Yes, I pay for coaching now but that wasn't always the case.

  6. Some wins come by accident but they still count. I  have stories of unplanned victories but they still were victories!

  7. Excellence does not equal perfection. Thank God I did not allow perfection to kill my dreams.

  8. Master one thing until you do it well. I learned this the hard way!

  9. Be careful who has your ear. I had to get the scissors out and you may too!

  10. Just do something! I had to learn to take risks and I'll share what happened when I di!

See you at 1pm on Facebook.com/CoachRobinWare