I got the call!

It’s been a minute since I’ve connected with you but it’s not my fault. Blame my goals!

I’ve been in prayer for one client that could pay me enough that I wouldn’t need multiple clients to earn my revenue goals. Well, that call came in February!

I have had an amazing time traveling and working for this client for the past 7 months. The project has slowed down so I wanted to connect back with you and share what I learned as a result of ‘getting the call.’

  1. Set BIG goals. Trust God and lean on your faith that He will honor all of the seeds you have sown. I was not shocked when the call came. In fact, I’m expecting more calls to come. Why? Because I have more goals.

  2. Work hard. To be honest with you, the client hired me for one thing but quickly added on responsibilities because of my ability to get stuff done. I never complained and I offered assistance in areas that I wasn’t being paid for. Don’t be afraid to be a blessing beyond what you are getting paid for.

  3. Submit. I know this word has a negative connotation for some people but not me. As a business professional, I understand that my job was to make my client look good. As a result, I wore their shirts, I conversed with their clients like they were mine and I honored their requests.

Yes, it has been a great ride! The ride is not over but we have slowed down so I’ll keep you in the loop when we start back up.

Now, what’s happening with me? I’m honored you asked!!! LOL!

  1. I’ve written a new book! It will be out next week. Go to www.TheWareAgency.com/WOW to check it out.

  2. I’ve launched The Robin Ware Show. Please subscribe to my Facebook and YouTube channels using @therobinwareshow to see my new studio and hang out with your girl!

  3. I moved into my dream house! YES! WOW! I can’t wait to share my testimony but God is good!

  4. I gave away a car. YES! WOW! This is the 3rd car I’ve given away.

Yes, a lot has happened in 7 months. I can’t wait to share more but I’ve got to get back to my goals!