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I wanted to share something with you:  one of the unexpected benefits of building your brand is the attraction you will start getting from clients and event hosts looking for speakers. 

When I started my business, I wanted to work with churches, which is what I do, but as a result, churches began to ask me to come and speak to their leaders. And now, speaking is one of my LARGEST income streams. I travel the world doing what I would do for free and get paid handsomely for it - and you can too!

Are you open and excited about the possibility of building an income stream through speaking? I hope so! To help you avoid the mistakes I made and to bypass some of the angst I had around charging my worth, I put together these two awesome teachings:

5 Secrets to Getting Booked and Paid as a Speaker


 I Speak: How to Negotiate Your Worth and Get Paid Properly Training.

Each training is normally $27, but to welcome you and thank you for connecting with me, you can get either one of them for only $17! 

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